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Road map of the Czech Republic 1:50,000

Product information
NameRoad map of the Czech Republic 1:50,000
Commercial code 63264
Export unitZM 50 map sheet (450 km2)
Unit pricePricelist of products and services
Export formatstisk
Coordinate systemsS-JTSK / Krovak EN
Product descriptionRoad map of the Czech Republic 1:50,000 (SM 50) is a multicoloured reprint of thematic content into the Base map of the Czech Republic 1:50,000 (ZM 50). The thematic content includes motorways, roads with their classification, numbers of motorways and roads, nodes of the localization system of the road database (LS SDB), interchanges, bridges, underpasses, railway crossings, tunnels, ferries, curves, ascension, passes, kilometrage by 1 km etc. Each map sheet contains a map legend with the selection of the most common map symbols. The map is published in cooperation with the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic which also determines an edition plan.
Update cycle - update state Update state
Terms of use - charging the dataCharging according to Pricelist of products and services
Access restriction - licence agreement and other restrictionTerms of use see Terms of trade
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Contact - product informationLand Survey Office , Phone: +420 284 043 533 , e-mail:
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