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Current static in RÚIAN data for basic data set distributed by municipalities in the VFR format

Product information
NameCurrent static in RÚIAN data for basic data set distributed by municipalities in the VFR format
Commercial code
Export unitmunicipalities
Unit priceNo fees
Export formatsVFR
Coordinate systemsDatum of Uniform Trigonometric Cadastral Network
Product descriptionDataset contains basic descriptive current data of RÚIAN, e.g. descriptive data of territorial elements and units of territorial registration for selected municipality or the whole state. Dataset contains no spatial location of RÚIAN elements. File for the whole state (ST_UZSZ) contains following elements: state, cohesion region, higher territorial self-governingself-governing entity (VÚSC), municipality with extended competence(ORP), authorized municipal office (POU), region (old – defined in 1960), county, municipality, municipality part town district (MOMC - for territorialy structured statutory cities), Prague city district (MOP), town district of Prague (SOP) for Prague, cadastral unit and basic urban units (ZSJ). Files for individual municipalities (OB_UZSZ) contain following elements: municipality, municipality part, (MOMC - for territorialy structured statutory cities), MOP (for Prague), SOP (for Prague), cadastral unit, ZSJ, streets, parcels, building objects and address point. For each elemt is specified its code, centroid (if exists) and all available descriptive attributes including a code of superior element. Dataset is provided as Open Data (licence CC-BY 4.0). Data is based on RÚIAN (Register of Territorial Identification, Addresses and Real Estates). Data is created once a month in RÚIAN exchange format (VFR), which is based on XML language and fulfils the GML 3.2.1 standard (according to ISO 19136:2007). Each dataset is compressed (ZIP) for downloading. More in the Act No. 111/2009 Coll., on the Basic Registers, in Decree No. 359/2011, Coll., on the Basic Register of Territorial Identification, Addresses and Real Estates.
Update cycle - update state Pre-defined datasets are generated monthly.
Terms of use - charging the dataPublic access is not rescticted and is provided in accordance with Decree No. 359/2011 Coll., on the register of territorial identification, addresses and real estates and law 123/1998 Sb., on the right to information about the environment.
Access restriction - licence agreement and other restriction
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Contact - product informationCzech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre , Phone: +420 284 044 455 , e-mail:
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